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Alma Raingarden; a promising tool for stormwater management

The prefabricated raingarden from Skjæveland is space-saving, easy to install, provides safer winter operation and can be designed with capacity adapted to each individual project.

2019; a year in the character of innovation and product development

An important goal for the Skjæveland Group is to offer expertise and products that can solve tasks related to the handling of storm water in projects.

Klima 2050; Annual report 2018

Klima 2050 will reduce the societal risks associated with climate changes and enhanced precipitation and flood water exposure within the built environment.

The Norwegian Research Council has given acknowledge to innovation in the Skjæveland Group

Skjæveland receives financial support for the development of a multi-stage cleaning concept for road water. Multiblocks receive financial support for further development of urban detention roofs.